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5 top reasons to use a mortgage brokerFive Top Reasons to Use a Broker

There are five solid reasons you should absolutely consider using a mortgage broker.

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Using the services of a mortgage broker to shop your mortgage has five indisputable benefits.

  1. The first is that we are independent and can shop hundreds of mortgages simultaneously to get you the lowest mortgage rate.
  2. Secondly, we are not middlemen. We have direct relationships with trusted lenders across the country to get you exclusive rates and mortgage options.
  3. Thirdly, our team’s volume has allowed us the opportunity to negotiate lower mortgage rates on your behalf.
  4. Fourth our service is free to the vast majority of our clients as we are paid by the lender we place the mortgage with...
  5. Last but not least, we are a member of VERICO one of Canada's largest, fastest growing and most ethically based mortgage companies in the country.

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