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Why use a mortgage broker in Vancouver?


Whether you’re buying your first home, refinancing your mortgage or looking for a Line of Credit for larger purchases, using a mortgage broker to find you the best mortgage with the best rate is a no brainer.

Brokers shop around and have access to the widest variety of lenders. They negotiate with the lenders on your behalf to get the best mortgage rate and product. Best of all, it’s free! How many services can save you thousands and cost you nothing?

With so many consumers in Vancouver doing home renovations and needing mortgages or home equity lines of credit, using the services of a broker is your best option. IN addition to Lines of credit for home renovations, they can be ued for education, debt consolation and investment purposes. With home values so high in Vancouver, many of my clients are taking advantage of this and taking out mortgages for investments and leveraging their assets – in a safe way – to build wealth.

Brokers are trained experts and have knowledge of over 400 mortgage products on the market..


I always say, would you go to a produce store that only sells oranges? Then why would you go to your bank that only offers their products? When you don’t have to shop or negotiate, or pay….. well, you decide for yourself.


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