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As a mortgage broker in South Surrey for over 16 years, I am thrilled to offer one of the lowest mortgage rates in Vancouver. 3.99%* for 5 years fixed! Check out the savings:

Assume you bought a home January 31, 2008 and paid $650,000.00. The best 5-Year fixed rate at that time was 5.79% On a 25-Year amortization with 25% down, your monthly payment would have been $ 3,058.46 If you purchased a home today for $650,000.00 taking the new best 5-Year fixed mortgage rate of 3.99%, your new monthly payment would be $2,561.71 (again assuming a 25 year amortization with 25% down). Just by the drop in interest rates alone, you will save $496.75 per month or $29,805.00 over the 5-Year term of the mortgage by purchasing a home today vs. a year ago!

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If you or anyone you know has a mortgage over 5.00%, call me immediately. Last week I saved a client $20,000, this week $4,000 and one today for over $6,000 by simply switching their mortgage to a new lender at a lower rate!


*An approved credit. Terms and conditions may apply. APR on rate not shown.