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Energy Efficient Tips

Your home functions differently in the fall and winter than it does in the spring and summer. It is important to keep your family warm and healthy while the furnace is working overtime. Below are some tips to save you money and improve the health of your home and family.

Resident Health

Ensure you have an efficient ventilation system to circulate quality indoor air
Paint with low emission paints to reduce vapors
Purchase or remodel with hardwood and tile floors which do not produce dust particles and that don’t require electricity intensive vacuuming.
Install cabinetry and shelving from products that do not emit formaldehyde and other vapors

Save Energy

Install high efficiency hot water heating system to reduce fuel expenditure
Choose higher density insulation to install in walls and attic
Change to High efficiency windows and doors save money and energy
Energy efficient appliances can reduce energy use substantially
Opt for energy efficient lighting like compact fluorescents
Installation of larger windows brings in more natural light and saves on lighting costs
Ensure all your windows have tight window stripping and are double paned
Replace older refrigerators, they are often the biggest energy users in a home

Save Resources

Low flow toilets and plumbing fixtures substantially reduce water consumption
Encourage the recycling of building materials to reduce construction waste
Use recycled products and materials wherever possible
Choose fast growing woods like spruce and maple
Prepare meals with locally produced food
Eat meat free meals once a week

Take Care of Our Environment

Create a recycling center in the kitchen
Exterior composts are great for the environment and your soil
Don’t use pesticides
Source building products that require less energy to manufacture
If you can, work from home to reduce vehicle usage
Move to a home that is closer to regular destinations
Buy a more fuel efficient car

Save Money

Pick products that are readily available at lower costs
Plan for the future when building; a flexible design will reduce potential renovation costs
Choose low maintenance and long lasting materials with solid finishes
Turn down the heat. Put on a sweater
Limit your baths
Get a toaster oven to do small cooking

The Canadian Government offers initiatives for environmentally friendly home upgrades. Visit for more information


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