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Showing Your Home to Buyers

Effective Ways to Show Your Home to Potential Buyers

You want the potential buyer to imagine owning your home. You don't want them to feel like an intruder. The little and big things you do to make your home more inviting can go a long way in making them feel at home.

(1) First Impressions

A buyer's first impression starts outside. A fresh cut lawn, budding flowers, a newly washed porch with chairs and inviting cushions all add to a positive first experience for the buyer. It welcomes them into the home and sets the stage for more delights to come.

(2) Check the Temperature
  • Do not fret over your utility bill. Turn on the heat if it's cold outside. You want your potential buyers to feel warm and welcomed.
  • If it's warm outside, turn on the air conditioning or open up some windows. It's a good idea to keep your home a degree or two warmer or colder than your usual temperature.
(3) Set the Mood
  • Light the fireplace.
  • Display fresh flowers.
  • Turn on soft music.
(4) Simmer on the Scents
  • Many people are allergic to certain scents and deodorizers, so don't spray the air or plug-in air fresheners or spray perfumes.
  • If weather permits, open the windows -- if there is too much noise outside, close them.
  • If you're going to bake cookies put out some snacks so buyers aren't disappointed.
(5) Pack a Visual Punch
  • Bring attention to the features of the home with lighting, placing of furniture, pictures and decorations.
  • You've heard this a million times but taking out the clutter in the home is essential to showing off the space. LESS REALLY IS MORE.
  • Open all the window coverings to let the light shine in unless they hide a less than desirable view.
(6) Light up the House
  • Turn on every light in the house, including garage, appliance and closet lights.
  • Turn off the TV unless it is a feature in the room such as a plasma TV. In that case, consider soft art or scenery pictures on a DVD to make a nice impression.
(7) Encourage Touching
  • Drape velvet or silk throws over couches and chair arms.
  • Leave doors slightly open.
  • If you have carpeting, try to vacuum in one direction.
(8) Encourage Lingering

The best way to entice the potential buyers to stay awhile is with food. You don't need to cater a lunch, but finger sandwiches, cookies, soft drinks, water, desserts, all are welcome.

  • Set out serving utensils, if needed.
  • Provide plates, cups and napkins.
  • In plain sight, provide a waste receptacle.
(10) Buyer Feedback

Listen to the buyer feedback. If you notice a pattern of unfavorable feedback in one area, try to make the necessary changes before then next showing if possible.