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Saved 20 Thousand Dollars

Jared Dreyer

John and Ellie were in a 5-Year fixed mortgage with a rate of 4.45%. By moving their mortgage to a new lender at a lower rate, they saved $20,000 in 3 years even after paying the penalty! Plus there were no legal fees given the type of mortgage they were in. There is nothing I love more than saving clients and their families money!

The good news is with the plummeting interest rates, I have been able to save many families untold money. Recently we transferred a mortgage and saved our client $4,000 - again -  after they paid the penalty. That is nothing to sneeze at!

Find out how much you can save. Call me with your mortgage details, interest rate, remaining term, outstanding balance etc. and I can quickly let you know if moving your mortgage makes sense. 

Jared Dreyer, Independent Mortgage Professional 604 649-5991

There is nothing better I enjoy than saving my clients money.

If you have a high mortgage rate, we need to talk. I can quickly calculate your potential savings.

Being independent means I have access to hundreds of mortgage products from banks, trust companies and other lenders.

Best of all, you pay no fee for my service in the majority of cases.

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