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Using LED Tape Light

Using LED Tape Light

On the topic of lighting…

Changes in the lighting industry has allowed for great opportunities to create and utilize products in new ways.

One of my favourite newer items is the LED tape light. This stuff is great and I have used it in multiple ways in my work. Some manufacturers have made a waterproof version that is submersible so it can be used in areas where water or steam is present, like showers. It is easily sized because a pair of scissors on the “cut” symbol makes it easy, or more sections can be added up to 33' with one transformer. The LED lighting is dimmable, so the light can be subtle or have it change colour if the application warrants. It can be hardwired in using low voltage wiring or, plugged in. It is peel and stick too!

Some of the areas I have used this great innovation :

- Illuminating shelves in showers
- We created a cool spot for an owners collection of stones that she had collected from trips around the world by adding the lighting to a channel along the top of a pony wall and then back lit them from below.
- Adhered the tape lighting to the underside of the solid surface deck top of the dropin tub. This washed the wall under the 1 ½” overhang and lit the beautiful hardwood floor lightly.
- Created a small channel on the backside of floating shelves to hide the lighting, yet subtly lite the wall and items on the shelves.
- An outdoor application would be to light a channel of black stones under the length of a long window of a contemporary home.

The list for the lightings’ uses continues to grow and become more versatile as the manufacturers continue to stretch the boundaries of LED capabilities.

Submitted by:

Cyndi Scholz
Interior decorator and Owner of  Project Homeworks

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