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Does Your Bank Call You Every Time Mortgage Rates Go Down? I didn’t think so!

A key part of the ongoing service we provide at Dreyer Group is continually monitoring your mortgage rates and calling when we see an opportunity for you to save money.. We do this throughout the life of your mortgage no matter what lender we place you with.

Banks however do not provide this service and only lower a mortgage rate is a client contacts them and insists they do so. Many times, they don’t lower that rate at all.

Our clients as so grateful for this service we provide that even on the rare ocassion when a bank is willing offer a better deal, the clients more than not choses to stay with us.

The moral of the story, Dreyer Group Mortgages really does have your best interests in mind and works hard to help you save money throughout the life of your mortgage. Our goal is to help you pay off your mortgage as soon as possible.

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