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How to Win the Mortgage Rate War

Getting the lowest mortgage rate in your neighbourhood is easier than you think. Here are the strategies:

  1. Use an independent mortgage broker. Mortgage specialists from banks only have access to their banks products. Independent mortgage brokers have access to hundreds of mortgage products across the country.
  2. Use an independent mortgage broker that funds a large volume of mortgages. The higher the volume a mortgage brokers does, the more likely they have access to special discounted rates not available to all mortgage brokers.
  3. Have your broker shop your mortgage at every renewal. Mortgages are independent financing vehicles and should not be tied to your other banking if you consistently want to get the lowest rate. By shopping your mortgage at every renewal you will save thousands and pay off your mortgage sooner.
  4. Use a mortgage broker that is constantly looking at your mortgage rate and the mortgage market conditions to take advantage of any another mortgages that may be beneficial or switch your mortgage mid term should it make sense if rates decline.

 Dreyer Group mortgage brokers are an independent team of mortgage professionals in Vancouver BC. Our large volumes, experience and dedicated underwriters allow us to secure the best mortgage products and rates for our clients in the fastest time. Call today to see how much you qualify for or if re-shopping your mortgage makes sense.
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