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Mortgage Investments for Canada RRSP TFSA

For most of us, this is the time of year when the Christmas spending frenzy hits us with the “Happy New Year” bills. It’s at this time of year, that most Canadians are focused on getting their finances in order by reviewing their investment needs and overall debt structure. Saving money, reducing taxes, managing cash flow and budgeting more efficiently, should be on the top of everyone’s mind. It also is the time of year to consider your RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) investments and TFSA’s (Tax Free Savings Accounts). So , it makes sense, this is the time of year most of us should have a closer look at their overall finances. The Good News: With mortgage interest rates continuing to be at record lows, borrowing to invest and borrowing to consolidate are strategies worth considering for building long term wealth. Using the equity in your home to make a RRSP or TFSA contribution while consolidating some of your high interest debt might be just the plan that gets your year off to a good start.

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