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President Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC) – Jared Dreyer Announced

Created: 18 May 2012
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Summary: Jared Dreyer, Independent Mortgage Broker and Broker Owner of VERICO Dreyer Group Mortgages Inc. takes on leading the Board of the MBABC.

VANCOUVER, BC, By way of Board Election on May 15, 2012, Jared Dreyer of VERICO -Dreyer Group Mortgages Inc. readily takes on his newly appointed role of President of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC). "The landscape of the Canadian mortgage industry is facing some of the largest changes in recent years," comments Dreyer.  "Lenders, insurers, regulators and government have already made significant changes to many programs and qualifications for lending policies and will continue to do so in the future. Now, more than ever it is imperative that our Board work with these regulators and lenders to ensure the proposed policies create a strong economic environment for Canada while continuing to make home ownership accessible to all Canadians."

The Canadian mortgage industry is a critical financial pillar in the Canadian economy. Not only does the industry employ tens of thousands of people, it helps millions of Canadians every year buy or renovate a home, purchase vacation and investment properties, start or invest in a business and help manage their finances and debt more effectively. "As we move forward in 2012, my goal is to continue to promote the benefits of being a homeowner in British Columbia, work with regulators to make healthy policy changes that strengthen our economy while maintaining a choice-filled market. We will highlight the importance of using a mortgage professional to guide consumers through this process," says Dreyer.

Along with his other Board Members, Dreyer is looking forward to continuing to make positive changes within the mortgage industry and for all Canadians.