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Small Business and Revenue Home Owner Grant

Created: 29 May 2008
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Shortly you will receive a notice from your municipality regarding your property taxes. This notice will advise you how much to remit payment and setup an automated withdrawal so that payment can be made directly.

Below is information regarding a Home Owners Grant . This "Grant" will provide you with additional savings on your property taxes. The property must be owner-occupied, which you qualify for. Please review information. The Grant will not be provided until July - so the exemption should be applied for shortly.  

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Small Business and Revenue Home Owner grant you must be a Canadian Citizen or a Landed Immigrant and must be a premanent resident of British Columbia.

This means you:

  • have all or most of your personal belongings in BC
  • have (or are eligible for) BC Medical Insurance
  • have (or are elibible for) a BC Drivers License and are able to register a vehicle in BC
  • file a BC income tax form
  • are entitled to vote in BC

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