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Vancouver Mortgage Broker was in Million Dollar Neighbourhood Working to Save Aldergrove Money

Created: 21 January 2012
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VANCOUVER, BC, January 21, 2012 Vancouver Mortgage Broker helped the Aldergrove community save money on their mortgages. The Dreyer Group Mortgage Team, led by Jared Dreyer, one of the top mortgage broker teams in Canada, looked at many ways for residents to save money on their mortgages:

- Refinancing their existing mortgage into a lower interest mortgage rate.
- Consolidating their debts into a lower interest mortgage.
- Renewing their mortgages early to save money buy lowering payments and mortgage interest rate.
- Teaching residents how to make use of annual lump sum mortgage payments and prepayment privileges.
- Choosing bi-weekly or weekly payments over monthly mortgage payments.

Jared Dreyer, Accredited Mortgage Professional and President of Dreyer Group Mortgages Vancouver, comments: "Working on the Million Dollar Neighbourhood challenge has been really fantastic. It feels good to help clients save money on their mortgage and it's what we do every day." Airing at the end of January on OWN Oprah Winfrey Network, the Million Dollar Neighborhood promises to be a very interesting and unprecedented experiment. The show focuses on 100 families. Working with mortgage brokers, financial planners, tax accountants and bankers, the goal is to collectively save the neighbourhood $1 million dollars in just 10 weeks.

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