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Refinancing Your Mortgage Before It Renews

Refinancing your mortgage before its renewal is really about analyzing the numbers. It either makes sense or it does not. I find it interesting that so many Canadians are chugging along with high interest rate mortgages and not looking to their mortgage to save – especially in this economy. Reducing your monthly mortgage payments is only one benefit of refinancing your mortgage before it renews. It can also free up much needed cash flow to use for expenses or savings. The other is to take the opportunity when refinancing to consolidate or restructure all your debt to ensure you are paying the least amount of interest possible. Independent Mortgage Brokers such as my team specialize in doing the math for you and then shopping your mortgage to numerous lenders to get the best mortgage product at the lowest rate. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view find out how much you can save or call my office at 604 536-3802 Refinancing your mortgage before its renewal could save you thousands.