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1.      Before my property closes, do you watch my rate every day and lock in a better rate for me if interest rates drop? Who does this?

2.      Do you only offer mortgage products from your bank or can you shop other banks to get me the best mortgage at the lowest rate?

3.      If mortgage rates go down in the middle of my term, do you notify me so I can refinance to save money? If so, who monitors this?

4.      If I take a variable rate mortgage, who monitors my rate and lets me know when to lock in if rates go up?

5.      If I take a fixed rate on my mortgage, who watches and lets me know if rates go down?

6.      What is your banks penalty policy if I want to pay off my mortgage or move my mortgage to another product?

7.      If I decide to sell and move to a more expensive home, will I be able to take my existing mortgage with me without paying a penalty, or will I get a discount on the new money borrowed?

8.      Do you offer life insurance on my mortgage? If so, what is the cost?

9.      When my mortgage is up for renewal, will your bank shop the market to ensure I am getting the lowest renewal rate in the market?

10.  How do you get paid on my mortgage? On the rate you get me or the amount of the mortgage?

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