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Our large volume gives you the best rates

Lenders sharpen their pencils for Dreyer Group Mortgages clients.

We funded over $1 Billion in mortgages in our 22 years. This makes us one of the top 10 mortgage teams in Canada. We have a bit of clout.

  • Our large volumes allows us to access even better rates than available in the market. ·
  • We get the lowest mortgage rates at an average of 1% less than the banks posted rates and more. ·
  • The strong relationships we have with over 50 trusted lenders across Canada, combined with our large volumes, ensures you get lightening quick approvals! ·
  • The sheer volume of business we do (and access to hundreds of mortgages) gives you the edge

We are paid by the lender, not by you

Using a Dreyer Group Mortgage Broker to find you the best mortgage will cost you nothing.* 

  • We are paid by the lender we place the mortgage with.
  • The actual amount paid to us is based on the total amount of the mortgage rather than the interest rate you receive.

This means that you will always be offered the very best interest rate. It  is in our best interest to save you money.

*On approved credit

Access to more banks = more choices for you

Using a Dreyer Group Mortgage broker allows us to access on your behalf top trusted banks across Canada all vying for your mortgage business.

  • We simultaneously shop all the top banks you know and negotiate on your behalf
  • We only pull one credit bureau so your credit rating is not compromised
  • More choices with experts in your corner mean you end up with a better mortgage product at a lower rate

We offer personal advice about your mortgage

At Dreyer Group Mortgage Brokers, mortgages are all we do, for over 22 years.

We have helped thousands of happy clients achieve homeownership, refinance or negotiate a better rate on their mortgage.

  • With all the government and lender guideline changes, now more than ever it is important to deal with a professional that knows how to get you approved.
  • We will show you strategies that are so simple but rarely discussed by banks to help you pay off your mortgage sooner.
  • We care about you and your mortgage long after it funds
  • We stay in close contact to ensure you continually save money.
  • We’ll shop your mortgage at every renewal to ensure you get the best rate and product.
  • Building long term relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of our business and what sets us apart. 

That is why we pride ourselves on always giving the best advice to our clients even if it means telling them to stay with their bank.

You and your family are our top priority, always!

Allow a Dreyer Group Mortgage Professional to find your best mortgage. Call 1-800-687-9020 or  click to apply here.