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This is a question everyone shopping for a mortgage wants to know. Who has the lowest mortgage rates out there?

Canada's mortgage market is small in comparison to the US but dont be fooled, there is alot of competition these days for your mortgage. People want to know that they are getting the lowest mortgage rate, but how will they know and who has the lowest rates?

This is where we come in, we can see what the all the lenders are offering.all 40 plus of them. Believe me there are some differences that could save you alot of money in interest. I dont know about you but i dont like to give the banks any more money than I have too.

We saved a client $5000 in interest costs over 5 yrs earlier this year just by making sure that they had the lowest mortage rate before their loan closed. That is a nice family vacation!!

Do you have the lowest mortgage rate available to you? Have an Accredited Mortgage Professional make sure that you do.