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Using a South Surrey Mortgage broker Does it matter

Well I would have to say yes! It certainly won't be to your disadvantage.

I have lived and worked in South Surrey now for over 30 yrs. In this time I have been able to build relationships with the local community and our local businesses. It has been a priveledge getting to know so many people. So how does this benefit you?

Lets say you are thinking of building a new home, I know alot of great builders in the area, and as you know there are some that are not so great. Since I know many personally it is easy to recommend them as I know the kind of people they are and what they stand for.I can say that many of them not only possess great skill but they are people of great character. This is one the biggest investments you will make and having the right builder can make all the difference.

At the Dreyer Group we can arrange a construction mortgage with your best interests in mind, because not only do we have a strong relationship with the people that approve your loan but we also know many of the managers in the local branches of the banks and credit unions. Having us on your team gives you that added leverage because its not just your mortgage but it is hundreds of other mortgages we do each year that gives us the ability and strength in the market that the average person doesnt have.

Working with a South Surrey Mortgage broker really does have its advantages, will you use it to yours?