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A Vancouver Mortgage Broker is a real estate financier dealing solely in the Vancouver real estate market. Sounds "logical" but is completely false. As a Vancouver Mortgage Broker, an independent mortgage broker, I provide real estate financing throughout Canada. Mortgages anywhere in Canada can be financed through a Vancouver Mortgage Broker as long as "they" are independent.

The difference between an independent (Vancouver) mortgage broker and a (Vancouver) mortgage specialist is the licensing requirement and ability to provide all mortgage products to a client. Being an independent broker I have the ability to deal with Chartered Banks, Credit Unions, alternative lenders - bank affiliated (financial investment arms of various chartered banks), independent alternative lenders and private lenders. I have to be educated in mortgage financing and in various mortgage products while adhering to a stringent code of ethics, and of course, common sense. (ie if a client has a hard time saving $5,000 and only makes minimum payments on credit cards - then as a First Time Homebuyer - perhaps that $600,000 mortgage isn't the greatest of ideas).

When the word "specialist" is used it really references an individual specialising in "their" banks mortgage products. They don't deal with any other Lender. Now, in a world where mortgage products exceed over 400 variations - why would a consumer want access to a limited few. Especially, when the service is free.

Most people looking for a computer, digital camera or even a party frock will scour ads, internet, magazines and/or spend their time going to different stores before considering a purchase. Why then, would any consumer shopping for a mortgage only go to their "bank". For an investment costing them thousands upon thousands of dollars - one would certainly want to shop around. Think about it.