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Tis the season to shop!!

It seems that many people these days are heading to the US to do some Christmas shopping, in fact I hear that someone is going South at least 2 times a week maybe more sometimes. Living in White Rock makes it all the more appealing. It is a amazing to me that people go to alot effort to save $20 dollars on a particular item. Don't get me wrong I am all for saving a dollar but I don't get it sometimes. 
First you wait in a border line up for 1-2 hrs both ways, you spend more on gasoline waiting in line ups and then drive 25 min to Bellingham or 1 hr to the Premium Outlet mall. Many items are not that much cheaper if at all, then factor in potential duties and of course the taxes. In the end did you really save any money or was it more about the experience? 
How many people will go to the same lengths to get the best mortgage rate and product for their needs? Think about this, if the average mortgage is $300,000 today, that means you could be paying $1500 per month just in interest. What if you could take 1/4 of a percent off that same interest rate? That would save you about $80 per month. Most people take a 5 yr term so the potential savings is $4800 in after tax money. Now this really makes sense to me, but you would be amazed how many people don't know what rate they have or what kind of mortgage product they are in currently. 
Allow a White Rock Mortgage Broker like us to do your mortgage shopping and create a mortgage strategy that works for you. A mortgage is not all about rate, it is more important to consider the Mortgage Strategy that will allow you to pay less interest to own your home. 

  Don't You Agree?

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