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Every year, thousands of Canadians meet with their Financial Planner to review their investment strageties to ensure they are on track to achieving their goals

Yet, many Canadians don't put as much thought into reviewing their mortgage options, even though it is the largest financial decision they will make in their lifetime.

How many times have you been approached by your banker to get a second opinion on your investments or to have a RRSP check up? The only time anyone might ask to review your mortgage needs is at renewal time, possibly every five years. In the meantime are you missing out? There are some great new innovative products that have been launched in the marketplace since your mortgage was funded.

Assessing your goals includes ensuring you're in the a mortgage that is suited to your current needs and lifestyle. Whether your strategy is to pay down your mortgage sooner, access the equity in your home for consolidation, investing or renovating, don't be reactive, contact an Accredited Mortgage Professional for an annual check up.