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Many people say that the US subprime debacle wont affect us here in Canada, well unfortunatley it is already and will continue on into 2008. The banks and credit unions are already getting tougher with applications and are looking closer at files. Programs that were onced offered are now discountinued or are on the shelf until further notice. People that were once approved easily may not get that same easy approval like they did just a few months ago. Global money is alot tighter than it was just a few months ago.

More than ever people will benefit by having Mortgage Brokers work on their mortgage applications. We know who is playing ball and who is not. There are lenders who are more aggressive and hungry for business while others are taking a back seat approach. A professional mortgage broker can help do all the leg work for you, find the best rate and lender for your needs.

Many of you have mortgages coming up for renewal in 2008 and it might not be as easy getting the money as it was before. Why waste your time going from bank to bank, let us do the work for you and make sure you get what you need. Need money fast with the best rate? Look no further...apply today by clicking here...