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You will see from time to time Brokers calling themselves area specialists like preferred Langley Mortgage Broker

so does being an area specialist make them any better then someone who isnt in that area? I would have to say no. I think in realestate that can be more of an issue but for an Accredited Mortgage Professional this is not something to be concerned about. We recently originated a mortgage in Whistler B.C. for a client and there were things that you needed to be aware about that pertain to the Whistler area only. We educated ourselves with these issues along with dialogueing with our lenders and were able to put together an a great deal for our client and the client was able to remove the subject to financing clause 2 days before it had to be removed. The Whistler realtor was very impressed with how quickly and seamless the process went.

Bottom line? THe client got the best rate best mortgage and the financing process went awesome! The most important thing to remember is who are you working with and what can they do for you.

With US subprime debacle and credit crunch currently affecting our mortgage market, more than ever it pays to have Professional MOrtgage broker working for you and remember we get paid by the lender.