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I love the spring.  The extra sunshine and warmer temperatures seem to provide extra energy and renewed vigor.

I burn this off promptly by cleaning things, like dirty windows, dusty ledges and once done inside my home I turn with gusto to the great outdoors - my garden.  It is amazing how theraputic it feels to dig into the winter soil and garden mess, especially cutting down wind damaged tree branches and garden clutter.  I am not the only one, the entire neighbourhood is alive with indoor escapees looking for that spring outdoor fresh excitement.

Next comes my health.  The jogging shoes, the tennis racquet and even the 1 wood with the bad slice that was tossed in the corner after a disasterous final round of golf last September - all come out within a week to get my winter flab removed.

So with all this adrenaline rushing through my blood, I consider it also time to apply sufficient energy to cleaning up my finances. This includes a check on my cash flow, expenses and debt.  As a mortgage broker I also review my own house loans and see if it is time to lock in a rate or change lenders - there are opportunities to save money or change lenders.

So spring is in full swing at my house.  The cleaning, the garden, my health and my finances.  

I love spring. Really!