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They did it! The Bank of Canada did what everyone thought they would and slashed the Bank rate by 1/2%! The banks hesitated but eventually followed suit and lowered their prime lending rate to 4.75%. Can you imagine the public outcry if they didnt follow this drop? I wonder would this actually harm the banks stellar reputation? At the same time by not dropping rates would this keep a damper on a realestate market that could use a little kick in the pants right about now? I personally think it is great news that the rates have come down and that banks also lowered their rate as well.

Now is a great time to review what mortgage product you are currently in and what rate you have. Rates are down and spring is in the air with banks, which means we have some great specials available. A quick review could save you thousands of dollars.

Contact Conrad to see if you too can save and capitalize on the current low mortgage rates that are available today.

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