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They only do Brakes = We only do Mortgages 

I love the local TV ads that promote our regional Auto Brake repair stores.   Their technicians, although poor actors, boast about their specialized knowledge and expertice to make sure the most vital safety feature in  your car - STOPPING - functions as required.

This is a perfect analogy for the Mortgage Broker approach to service within the banking sector. Just like the brake service ads.  You can go to the big car dealership where they sell new and used cars, paint bodies and yes fix brakes.  OR you can go to the brake specialist.

Mortgage brokers do not open investment or chequing accoutns, or sell RRSPs or set up security deposit boxes.  We only work on your mortgage.  We are intimately connected with the dynamic nature of mortage rates and the host of products that are offered by all main stream lenders.

Just like the importance of brakes to your car safety, a mortgage decision is the most important financial investment in your portfolio. Trust this to a Mortgage Specialist - not the big 'dealership' .

We only do Mortgages