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What has your mortgage broker done for you lately?

Mortgage Broker in Surrey BC


What has your BC mortgage broker done for you lately? Is your mortgage broker doing enough? Below is a quick list to consider when dealing with a BC Mortgage Broker:

When was the last time your mortgage broker contacted you?

Did your mortgage broker give you the best advice or are you unhappy with the mortgage you ended up with?

Does your mortgage broker offer one type of mortgage – say only bank mortgages – or do they have access to all mortgage loans on the market?

Does your mortgage broker provide you with timely updates on your mortgage and the state of the mortgage industry and current rates?

Do recommend your mortgage broker to your friends and family?

When arranging your mortgage, did you feel heard?

Did you receive exceptional service and solid advice?

Did your mortgage broker get you the lowest mortgage rate?

Did your mortgage broker get you the best mortgage loan?

If you are happy with your mortgage broker in BC and can answer positively to the above questions, then by all means you should stick with your current mortgage broker, they are obviously doing a great job. If you feel your mortgage broker is not doing enough or you are not happy with your mortgage rate, then you need to shop around. Shopping your mortgage can be done at any time. When dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars, dealing with an accredited professional that meets all of your needs and has your best interests in mind is imperative.

If you have any questions about mortgage brokers in BC, what’s important about mortgage planning, or how to shop your mortgage, I’m here to help. Call me anytime, Jared Dreyer Surrey Mortgage Broker BC 604 649-5991