Dreyer Client Care

Opt in to take full advantage of the Jared Dreyer Mortgage Team Client Care Program!

We’re here for you!

Live Rate Monitoring

Our Live Rate Monitoring service provides you peace of mind knowing we will scan the mortgage markets up until 10 business days prior to mortgage completion. If a more competitive offer presents itself, we have the ability to pivot and acquire that offer for you.

Since we already have your mortgage application and supporting documents1, the process is fairly straight forward—no need for you to start from scratch with a completely new-to-you lender, with the added pressure of a time-sensitive completion or closing date right around the corner.

This component of our Dreyer Client Care Program is already incorporated into our specialized mortgage loan process so there is no need to opt-in to realize the benefits. We’re here for you!

Ongoing Mortgage Management

Throughout the full term of your mortgage, we monitor the mortgage markets and advise you if/when we see an opportunity to save you money and pay down your mortgage faster.

The Jared Dreyer Mortgage Team has made significant investments in technology that makes this possible. Our sophisticated systems analyze our entire database daily to identify, for example, thousands of dollars in potential interest savings when current rates drop below the specific threshold set for you by our team.

Another common scenario benefits those in a variable or adjustable rate mortgage. The Bank of Canada meets eight times per year to discuss monetary policy and sets the policy interest rate which influences the rate lenders charge for their variable and adjustable rate mortgages. We will advise whether it is prudent to lock in to a fixed rate mortgage for the remainder of your term or to stay the course.

Annual Mortgage Review

One thing is certain: life happens. We will contact you on every mortgage anniversary to conduct a mortgage review, free of charge. Your mortgage may need adjusting to align with any changes in your life.

Any number of things such as changes to employment, kids going off to University, new additions to the family or a change in marital status may necessitate the need to improve cash flow or to access the equity in your home to offset life’s curve balls.

Through it all, the Jared Dreyer Mortgage Team is here for you.

Birthday Cakes!

We may have saved the very best for last! For each year your mortgage is managed by the Jared Dreyer Mortgage Team, receive a complementary Saint Honore birthday cake voucher from Fratelli Bakery.

For over 23 years, Fratelli Bakery has been preparing fine Italian baked goods from their Commercial Drive and now their Columbia Street locations. Their famous Saint Honore cake is layered with puff pastry, white sponge cake, Bavarian cream, buttercream, and Vermouth AND topped off with a to-die-for combination of whipped cream and Bavarian cream-filled puffs dipped in chocolate. Good thing it’s only once per year!

  1. In some instances, it may be necessary to obtain current or updated supporting documents. For example, a new letter of employment and/or copy of your most recent pay slip.